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Winter Survival Training
Wilderness Winter Survival Training Prep on the 13th (meeting Location TBD)
Survival Training will start on the 15th and go through the 24th
Each person who wants to attend will be dropped off, with gear on back, will hike in a short distance to simulate a bug out situation. The only vehicle on hand will be a evacuation vehicle in case of emergency.
Let your family members know you will not be in cell phone range for a few days.
If you have to work throughout this training period, that is understandable. Come when you can. Stay a few days. Get your feet wet, learn the limits of your gear and your own limits.
I recommend you watch all the winter survival videos that you can on Prepare yourself mentally. It will push you to your limits.

The following is a list of must have items.

Survival Knife (Get a good quality, full tang) (Mora Bushcraft, Sheffield, Gerber, Bear Grylls, etc)
Fire Rod (fire kit is even better, Cotton Balls, Vaseline, Wood with Resin, lighter, matches, ferrel Rod)
Water Canteen or bottle (FULL OF WATER!!!!!)
10x10 or larger Tarp
550 Cord or rope (50 to 100 ft)
Forest Axe (Small) Gransfor Bruks, Fiskars, Gerber, etc. (Don't go cheap on this one)
Hand Saw (Folding type)
Compass & Maps (Location will only be given out to those who wish to attend)
Food (Dried foods, dense, high calorie, easy preparation, use your imagination)
Sleeping Bag (make sure it is rated for the temperatures expected, or layer up. You can also use a thick wool blanket inside a bivy cover or simular item. The US Military 4 piece sleep system is preferred.)
Emergency Mylar Blanket (space blanked)
Side Arm or Primary Weapon system (Pistol or Rifle) for self protection.
Warm Clothing, Extra SOCKS!!!. (If by day you travel light, you'll shall freeze by night)

Anything else you bring is on you. The above list are items that will keep you alive.

Dave C. Senior Training Officer

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